Celebrating a variety of loud birthdays

Wear some ear protection today, because this day in October really brings the “loud and creative” out of people.

Today we celebrate a variety of sound-related birthdays, including:

  • Jazz musician Dizzy Gillespie (1917-1993)
  • Rock musician Manfred Mann (68)
  • Blues and rock guitarist Steve “Share” Cropper (67)
  • Rock musician and Chicago band member Lee Loughnane (62)
  • Rock singer Julian Cope (51)
  • Rock musician and Toto band member Steve Lukather (51)
  • Rock musician Che Colovia Lemon (38)
  • Rock musician Nick Oliveri (37)
  • Rock musician and Jars of Clay band member Charlie Lowell (35)

Shifting to a different sort of sound, we also celebrate the birthday of Swedish chemist Alfred Bernhard Nobel (1833-1896). Nobel invented dynamite, refined the manufacturing process for nitroglycerine, and ran the Bofors company (shifting it from iron production to armaments). Concerned in his later life that he would be remembered only for weapons and implements of destruction, Nobel donated most of his fortune to the creation of the Nobel Prizes for peace, literature, science, and other pursuits.


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