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A legend of news passes on

CBS news legend Walter Cronkite died on Friday. He was 92 years old.

Like most families of the 1960s and 1970s, my family spent a lot of time watching television. We ate dinner to the local and national news, wiled away evenings with sitcoms and variety shows, and learned about the world through various National Geographic specials. Most of it slipped from my memory since then (probably on the same night that I originally watched it), but some things remain.

Among those memories, I distinctly remember watching Walter Cronkite.

Dad called him “Walter Crankcase” sometimes, for reasons I never knew. As a child, he was like the grandfather I never had, telling me things that I needed to know and reassuring me that, despite everything, the world was fundamentally okay. I remember him reviewing the casualty rates during Vietnam, telling me about the moon landing, and sharing all kinds of other stories, from fun to sad to dramatic.

He did it all with a calm power. I knew that I could trust him. I just knew.

Those nights listening to Walter’s newscasts probably impacted my desire to go into journalism, although I didn’t know it at the time.

Even thought I turned off the TV many years ago, I’ll miss you, Mr. Cronkite. For me, you were the grand gentleman of the news.


eReleases launches 11 week anniversary party

The folks at celebrate their service’s 11th anniversary in October, but they decided to start early with an 11 week party! Check out their products and services here: Press Release Distribution Services and Press Release Writing

Their big thing is what they call Web 2.0 Online Press Release Distribution, which covers everything from release writing to proper formatting to get the most from search engine optimization.

Be sure to register for their contest while you’re there! They’re giving away 11 Asus netbooks and 77 days of free press release services. Enjoy!


Let’s have “inflexible over-regulation for $200”

Some British police have no sense of civic fun. (Or, apparently, any sort of fun at all.)

Despite the efforts of the Norwich City Council and the Norwich Theatre Royal, the original Chitty Chitty Bang Bang car can’t participate in this year’s Norwich Street Procession. The Norfolk (UK) police ruled that because Chitty doesn’t have a current Ministry of Transportation certificate, then it’s a public hazard, and can’t drive slowly down a closed street in city parade.

“The Chitty Chitty Bang Bang car does not have a valid MoT certificate and therefore breaches regulations,” said a police spokesman.

Thank goodness they’re protecting public safety!