Welcome to the window onto my view of the world. My friends occasionally laugh and sometimes marvel (in the most polite sense of the word) at the things that capture my interest, so I decided to capture them here. (The things that pique my interest, that is — not my friends.)

Who am I?
Darned good question. And a fair one, too.

I’m the odd one. To quote one of my favorite buttons, “I play air guitar and laugh out of context.”

I love vintage Loony Tunes and Merrie Melodies animation, particularly the work of Charles M. “Chuck” Jones and Robert “Bob” McKimson, Sr. I enjoy the art of M. C. Escher and Paablo Picasso, and the writing of Roy H. Williams (“The Wizard of Ads”), Clive Cussler (the Dirk Pitt books), Donald Hamilton (the Matt Helm series), and Seth Godin (“The Purple Cow” and many others).

I fly stunt kites and play European board games with my kids.

Occasionally, I color near the lines. (This whole “inside/outside” thing stresses me out, so I ignore it.)

I want to change the world. I aspire to be one of the crazy ones.


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