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Of war and wounds

When it comes to war, a lot happened on September 17.

Back in 1862, Union forces rebuffed the Confederate’s invasion of Maryland in the famous battle of Antietam (or Antietam Creek, as they said back then). It ranks as the bloodiest day in U. S. Military history, as 23,100 soldiers were killed, wounded, or captured. That’s enough people to complete over 270 NFL football rosters or pack more than 90 movie theaters to capacity. It’s two-thirds of my hometown’s entire population — men, women, and children. That’s a lot of people. In one day.

Moving forward to the Korean “conflict”, the long-running TV series M*A*S*H premiered on this day in 1972. Ironically, former President Clinton chose this same day in 1999 to lift the 50 year old restrictions on trade, travel, and banking with North Korea.

Oh, and Barry Bonds hit his 700th career home run on this day in 2004. (His pharmacist is so proud!)