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Talk about a funny day…

Comedy is the topic of the day, as we celebrate the birth of Groucho Marx (born in 1890) and the publication of the first Peanuts cartoon strip by Charles M. Schulz.

Even the day’s political news has a comedic air to it, as today is the anniversary of the 2008 vice presidential debate between Joe Biden and Sarah Palin. (Although I’d much rather see Groucho go head-to-head with Lucy from Peanuts.)


A funny thing happened today

What a day for comedy! Today’s the birthday of comedians Groucho Marx (born in 1890) and Bud Abbott (born in 1897). It’s also the anniversary of the first “Peanuts” cartoon strip by Charles M. Schulz.

If you want a delightful few hours of entertainment, take a look at one of Groucho’s autobiographies, “Groucho and Me.” I first read it as a senior at Ball State University (during my first senior year, for those of you keeping score at home).  I breezed through the travel stories and hilarious anecdotes, laughing myself silly. Then, to my immense surprise, Groucho started writing about Muncie, Indiana!

“I did manage to spend a fair of time in Indiana, though. ‘Oh the moonlight’s fair tonight upon the Wabash.’ Indiana was always a wonderful state for girls. Elkhart, Hammond, Lafayette, Muncie.  Ah, Muncie!”

From there, he tells the tale of when he and his brothers visited the city with a vaudeville show, and how he met an interesting young lady who turned out to be someone else’s interesting wife. All the typical complications ensue, so read the book if you want the details. (Fair warning — it’ll make your sides hurt from laughing!)