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Wal-Mart “Family Night Centers” mean opportunity for hobby stores

Mass market board game sales increased 10% during the first half of 2009 (vs. the same period in 2008) according to research firm NPD Group. Citing that increase, Wal-Mart rolls out a focused “Family Night Center” in all stores this month, featuring board games, movies, and related products.

Hobby stores can jump on the bandwagon as well with media outreach, in-store “parent training sessions” on how to hold a family game night, and demonstration events for popular board games. Get going, folks!!

Responding to moms’ rising interest in more affordable entertainment activities at home, Walmart is featuring a new “Family Night Center” in all stores this month. The area aims to help customers find new ideas for memorable family time activities and savings on popular items from Hasbro and Disney among others in a convenient “one-stop” area. Walmart Adds “Family Night Center” in All Stores