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No wonder the Swiss trains run on time

I buy a new watch about every, oh, eight years or so, mainly because it takes me that long to find something that I like better than my current watch. (You really don’t want to go watch shopping with me. It’s a lengthy process that involves much rejection for many watches and watch salespeople.)

My last watch featured a very Scandanavian design, with a simple stainless face showing four bars marking 15 minute increments, all wrapped in an ultra-thin case with a matching stainless band. I really loved that watch, but after (mumble, mumble) non-stop years of work and play, it was starting to look a little haggard.

To replace it, I wanted something with an equally clean, easy-to-read European style. A stainless band, like my old watch had, was a must as well. And, being me, I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on it. (It is, after all, a watch.)

My search led me to my new favorite watch company, Mondaine, home of the Official Swiss Railways Watch.

Mmmmm… now that’s my kind of watch! The face layout dates from the 1940s, when Swiss engineer and designer Hans Hilfiker created the now-famous design for the Swiss Railways platform clocks. The bold five-minute marks, simple hands, and highly visible red second hand make the time almost jump off the watch at you.

Being Swiss, Mondaine can’t give their watches simple monikers, so my watch choice goes by the easy-to-remember name of Official Swiss Railways Evo Men’s Watch A658.30300.11sbv. It’s a little thicker than I wanted (8mm instead of 6mm), but its style easily makes up for that. After several months of constant use, I still love it.

I bought mine from Kenmar Watches, and can recommend them highly. They gave me great service, answered all of my questions with wonderful communication and, of course, offered a really good price. I especially appreciated the way that they asked questions before recommending a watch for me. To me, that’s service!